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Balinese Massage

Balinese massage has originated from Bali which is also a very popular travel destination for people. These techniques got famous during the 20th century wherein people saw the beautiful mix of crossing cultures to make this extremely soothing therapy. Our professional masseuses for full body to body massage in Delhi at Refresh City Day Spa have very gentle hands and great grip over the pressure that they exert on various parts of the body. This therapy technique has been greatly influenced by Chinese, Indian, and Thai techniques. It is ideally a full body massage treatment especially for those who are particular about taking good care of their bodies.

The receiver usually lies on a couch and then acupressure is applied with a mildly scented oil that suits their preferences well. Then they have an enjoyable experience as the professional to take the lead and soothe their mind and body. Balinese Massage has great benefits like the stimulation of blood flow, energy, and lymph to say the least. Our masseuses have a great experience in knowing the exact area which can prove out to be soothing when gently kneaded. We make sure that your experience at our place is comfortable and worth coming back for. Want to know about balinese massage techniques in Delhi? then Visit our place.